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Quality control and monitoring

I. Internal quality monitoring, assessment and control

Quality Assurance Board reports and minutes of the meetings

Work package 1: Review and analyze existing European practice for Cyber security education

  The Report

  Appendix 1: Dev 1.1

  Appendix 2: Dev 1.2

  Appendix 3: Dev 1.3

  Appendix 4: Dev 1.4

  The Minutes

Work package 2: Raise awareness about the risk of online activities

  The Report

  The Minutes

Call for funds 3

  The Minutes

Call for funds 4

  The Minutes

Reallocation of funds

  The Minutes


II. External quality control and monitoring

Meting between the external evaluator and the coordinator

14-16 July 2016
Maribor, Slovenia

  The Agenda

  The Minutes


Report on the External Evaluation 

External QCM expert Danijela Milošević
15th September 2016

  External Evaluation Report


III. Inter-Tempus coaching

1st Inter-Tempus coaching

30th September 2014

  The Minutes




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