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Activities and deliverables

The list of developing activities leading to the expected project outcomes are the following:

(DEV) 1. Review and analyze existing European practice for Cyber security education
•  (DEV) 1.1 Existing EU practices for cyber security
•  (DEV) 1.2 EU practice for cyber security education
•  (DEV) 1.3 Cross-matching of practice in ME with EU standards
•  (DEV) 1.4 Roadmap for new Cyber security Education in ME

(DEV) 2. Raise awareness about the risk of online activities
•  (DEV) 2.1 Analysis of the ME cyber security public awareness
•  (DEV) 2.2 Development of a draft cyber security framework
•  (DEV) 2.3 Improve cyber security knowledge
•  (DEV) 2.4 Cyber security Handbook

(DEV) 3. Develop and maintain an unrivaled, globally competitive cyber security workforce.
•  (DEV) 3.1 Cross-matching of organizations with EU standards
•  (DEV) 3.2 Usable cyber security competency framework
•  (DEV) 3.3 Improve knowledge within organizations
•  (DEV) 3.4 Professionalization issues on cyber career fields

(DEV) 4. Broaden the pool of skilled workers capable of supporting a cyber-secure nation.
•  (DEV) 4.1 Analysis of cyber security master programs
•  (DEV) 4.2 Creation of multidisciplinary curriculum
•  (DEV) 4.3 Accreditation of multidisciplinary master study program
•  (DEV) 4.4 Incentivize, support, and recognize excellence in cyber security research and development.



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